Getting Started

FieldX Onboarding Process

FieldX has been designed from ground up with the central piece being easy management of the devices. Like every system, the FieldX Web Portal has many features and onboarding may be an overwhelming task. The aim of this article is to help you onboard your first device and help you quickly get started in applying […]

Pushing Apps through FieldX

Mobile App Management provides granular control at the application level, thus enabling the administrators to manage and secure app data. It helps to protect devices and manage data. The rapidly evolving technology has driven businesses to use various apps throughout their organization. Apps have now become an integral part of an organization to boost productivity. […]

How to Create Restrictions

FieldX offers a wide collection of control and security restrictions that let you control and manage your devices better. Setting up device and app restrictions features on the work managed devices reduces distractions and improves the security. Controlling the device settings and restricting access also prevents third-party apps from accessing corporate data and resources. In […]

Enrol your First Device

Summary The first step to start managing your devices is to enrol your device and set up for work in FieldX. This will ensure that you can leverage the latest Android enterprise features offered by Android using FieldX, like distributing applications, pushing restrictions & policies, pushing App configurations, VPN configurations and many more. There are […]

Manage, Monitor & Troubleshoot
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